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How others are managing budgets and content teams

An overview of "How Brands Manage Global Customer Engagement"

In this report, we explore:

Our Methodology

This report is based on data from a marketing survey that consulted 401 senior-level marketing managers in the UK, France and Germany and 326 in the US, for a total of 727 contributors. Interviews for the European countries were conducted by Redshift Research. Interviews for the US marketers were conducted by Econsultancy



This report explores the strategies, tools and processes used by leading global brands to engage customers across borders and languages


Unlock the key to becoming a global leader with this report based on a study of more than 727 international marketing organizations located in the US, UK, France and Germany. The study compares best-in-class companies to those that are still maturing. The behavior of the top-performing segment of respondents—dubbed leaders in the report—is contrasted with the rest of the sample (non-leaders) for insight and guidance.


See how brands tell stories and engage with customers across borders and languages and what is necessary to balance overarching marketing priorities with local relevance.


Report: How Brands Manage Global Customer Engagement

What global marketing leaders are doing to stay ahead

How leaders are successfully balancing global and local

What stakeholders are involved in global marketing management


Produced in association with Econsultancy & Redshift Research